The road we're on together.

Are you dizzy enough to jump into the dino family? Discover the value and dynamics of our NFT collectibles.

The roadmap

Dizzy Dinos Roadmap 🦖

Hey everyone! Thank you for joining DIZZY DINOS. We look forward to launching our NFT collectible! In the meantime, we will be growing our community, doing pre-launch giveaways, releasing sneakpeaks, and building longevity in DIZZY DINOS! Here is the official roadmap.

What's the perspective?

Why would you invest in Dizzy Dinos? What's the perspective? How is value driven? We present to you, the official Dizzy Dinos roadmap. Is your FOMO already kicking in?

In the scheme below, the percentages represent milestones in the amount of Dizzy Dinos that have been minted along the process. Each milestone will make sure additional investments in the Dizzy Dinos NFT are done and/or rewards to Dizzy Dinos NFT holders are given.

More than owning a digital asset.

Never was it so cool to own a digital asset. Dizzy Dinos' holders can take benefit of so much more than just a digital artwork.

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