What is Dizzy Dinos?

Dizzy Dinos is an NFT-collectible on the Polygon blockchain.

This may sound complex, but essentially it is a collection of 6500 programmatically-generated dinosaurs in pixel-art. Each and any of these items is unique and has its own attributes and image. You can mint, buy, sell or hold a Dizzy Dinos NFT in your NFT-compatible crypto-wallet.

The team behind Dizzy Dinos is very proficient in tech and marketing and is driven to grow this project to a largely adopted token with many perks for NFT-holders and a strong community. In order to reach that state, we are developing a play-to-earn game exclusively for Dizzy Dinos holders, creating merchandise, organizing give-aways and introducing all kinds of events for our community members.

More than owning a digital asset.

Never was it so cool to own a digital asset. Dizzy Dinos' holders can take benefit of so much more than just a digital artwork.

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