What crypto-wallets are supported?

We support different web 3.0 wallets to mint, buy and sell our NFTs. We recommend using Metamask as this is the biggest and one of the most convenient to use webwallets out there.

Supported wallets

While connecting your wallet to our mint machine, you will be provided with a list of the supported wallets for minting. This does not mean that using these wallets are the only way to acquire or hold a Dizzy Dinos NFT – you may still be able to purchase and hold a Dizzy Dinos NFT in other crypto-wallets. However, minting a new dino in your wallet would not be possible without the wallets shown below.

Dizzy Dinos' supported wallets for minting

Can I still own a Dizzy Dinos NFT without one of these wallets?

Absolutely. You can practically own an NFT in any crypto wallet. However, many websites do not index (show) these non-fungible tokens yet. Best practice is to check out the supported wallets on Opensea - which is the biggest NFT marketplace out there - to see which wallets you can connect to it. Once you've connected your wallet to Opensea, you will be able to see, buy and sell NFTs. We call this the "secondary" market because the initial "mint" (giving birth to a new NFT) is done by someone else.

More than owning a digital asset.

Never was it so cool to own a digital asset. Dizzy Dinos' holders can take benefit of so much more than just a digital artwork.

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