What crypto currency do I need in my wallet?

Dizzy Dinos is on Polygon network. Polygon is an Ethereum token that aims to increase transaction efficiency by providing a layer-2 payment infrastructure. You can acquire your Dizzy Dinos NFT by using the mint machine or by buying one on the secondary market. Both of these options require funds on the Polygon mainnet. Minting a new Dizzy Dinos NFT requires MATIC on the Polygon Network. Alternatively, you can buy a Dizzy Dino on the secondary market like Opensea in Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). In the resume of this help-article we will further explain how these Polygon funds work.


Polygon has quickly become a prominent feature of several DeFi protocols, and more platforms are adopting it each day. As such, Ethereum users who want to get the most out of their DeFi experience (such as low fees and fast transaction times) will need to learn how to use Polygon. MATIC is Polygon's native token and is required to mint new Dizzy Dinos.


In order to mint a Dizzy Dinos NFT, you need to have MATIC on the Polygon mainnet in your wallet.

How to get Polygon funds in my crypto wallet?

You can either withdraw MATIC from an exchange to your wallet directly or move funds on to Polygon and use the Polygon bridge. The first option may be interesting when gas-fees on the Ethereum mainnet are high. The second option is used a lot to swap ETH funds to Polygon funds. In order to use your MATIC on the Dizzy Dinos mint machine, you will need a Web 3.0 digital wallet like the MetaMask browser wallet (recommended).

Learn more about directly withdrawing MATIC from an exchange account or moving funds on to Polygon.

More than owning a digital asset.

Never was it so cool to own a digital asset. Dizzy Dinos' holders can take benefit of so much more than just a digital artwork.

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