On what blockchain is Dizzy Dinos?

Dizzy Dinos is on Polygon network. Polygon is a Layer-2 (L2) scaling solution designed to improve the adoption of the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum has quickly become the go-to blockchain for decentralised application development. It has facilitated the creation of much of the cryptocurrency industry we see today. However, due to its current proof-of-work consensus mechanism, Ethereum suffers from network congestion, slow transaction speeds and low throughput. This has often led to high transaction fees (gas fees) for users.

Polygon, originally known as Matic, solves these issues by offering a platform where developers and consumers benefit from L2 scaling solutions.

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More than owning a digital asset.

Never was it so cool to own a digital asset. Dizzy Dinos' holders can take benefit of so much more than just a digital artwork.

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