I don't see my MATIC balance on the Mint Machine, what's wrong?

In many cases, people forget to move their MATIC from the Ethereum mainnet to the Polygon Network. In that case, you can see the MATIC in your Metamask wallet on the Ethereum mainnet but on the Mint Machine, that balance in MATIC is not displayed.

Insufficient MATIC funds displayed in your wallet on our minting website

Here's what you will need to do

  • First visit the Polygon Bridge and log in with your wallet.
  • When you're logged in, click on "assets" and click on "deposit" MATIC
Depositing MATIC from ETH mainnet on Polygon network
  • In the next screen, select the amount of MATIC that's on your Ethereum network to move over to Polygon.
Move over MATIC from the Ethereum network to the Polygon chain
  • Click "transfer" – hence you will have MATIC on the Polygon network!
  • Try to visit the Dizzy Dinos Mint Machine once again. Your wallet balance should now display the amount of MATIC on the Polygon chain correctly.

Still no MATIC balance?

Does it not display correctly? Make sure your Metamask network is set to the Polygon network. Our Mint Machine will automatically detect when your wallet is on the wrong network and give you an easy option to switch it to Polygon. See the image below.

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