How to add the MATIC mainnet to my web wallet?

Connect MetaMask to Polygon.

To transfer funds from the Ethereum blockchain to the Polygon blockchain you must first make MetaMask compatible with the Polygon blockchain. When you visit our Mint Machine, you will be prompted to easily switch to the Polygon network if our website detects that you're on the wrong network (for instance Ethereum mainnet).

Once you click "Please select the Polygon network", your wallet should switch to the Polygon network and you're good to go!

Adding Polygon network manually - custom RPC

In your MetaMask wallet click the "Ethereum Mainnet" symbol at the top centre of the page. In the dropdown list, choose the Custom RPC option.

Enter the details as shown in the screenshot below and click "Save".

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This is also a text copy of the details:

  • Network Name: Matic Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 137
  • Currency Symbol (optional): MATIC
  • Block Explorer URL (optional):

Once confirmed, your MetaMask wallet will now be able to communicate with the Polygon blockchain. An option for "Matic Mainnet" should now appear within your Network list.

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