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The web's dizziest
#NFT collectible.

Dizzy Dinos is a blockchain-based NFT collectible that ironizes a 65-million-year evolution of life on earth.

We give away free Dizzy Dinos before our official first mint!

The concept of Dizzy Dinos

Hundreds of millions years ago, the dinosaurs were the main living species on planet earth. It was an era of instinct and continuity that lasted for millions of years. However, an enormous meteor brutally made an end to this story. Today - 65 million years after the dinosaur extinction - mankind has well established a citizenship that is streamlined and regulated into the finest details. Science, politics and technology have accelerated the capabilities and intelligence of modern human livings. The impressive aspect of this is that all of this was shaped within a timeframe of a couple of thousands of years.

A clear contrast is visible here. Where dinos seemed to live pure, slow and instinctive lifes, most human beings live a rather fast, emotional and thoughtful life. Today, we make policies and "crown" people to determine who is in charge whereas dinos just fought it out. Also, we seem to be in need of very diverse activities to amuse, employ and distinguish ourselves. We do Netflix-and-chill. We do skateboarding and skiing. We wear hats and glasses for functional and aesthetic reasons. Ultimately, we tend to "create" ourselves and our lives - social media plays a huge role in this development. Dinos seemed to just live simpler and more continuous lifes. Dinos were born. Ugly or pretty... at least pure. There was no way to pretend.

The Dizzy Dino collection of NFT items reflects the above explained evolution of life on earth in an ironic way. The NFT's feature different types of dinos with diverse (human) traits. Do you want to know more about Dizzy Dinos? Join our Discord server with the link below.

Our vision on NFTs and value

NFTs are mysterious and complex to understand. Some creators tend to exaggerate on this mysterious aspect of their collection and make their NFTs even more complex by including all kinds of secondary aspects. To us, this seems unrelevant. We like to keep things simple and straight forward. We believe in pragmatic processes with continuous rewarding for the full community and stakeholders.

An ironic 65 million year evolution.

65 Million years ago, a wild era full of gigantic creatures came to an end. From dinos to mankind. From instinct to consciousness. From survival to employment. The Dizzy Dinos NFT collection has it all. It presents the evolution of life on earth in an ironic way using pixel-art.

the concept

Thousands ofcode-generated artworks.

By using Node.js, Solidity and Ganache, we developed a script that generated 6500 unique images of Dizzy Dinos and deployed each of them on the Polygon-blockchain.

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Programmatically generated dinos


Unique characteristics / traits


Pixels used per base-dino


Hours spent designing

About the artist.

Dizzy Dinos started as an explorative project in the NFT-area – designed by professional graphic- and webdesigner Martijn Roefs from the Netherlands. Martijn has always been fascinated by dinosaurs and decided to design an NFT-collection using pixel art.

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